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3 steps that i usually use to make a website

Step 1. I try to understand that customers want from website

Together we discuss what the client's problem should be resolved by the Web site. The result of this step is a contract and the terms of reference which describes in detail the process of creating a web site.

Terms of reference

Step 2. I preparing a design concept

Development of an individual web site design concepts without the full visual realization of up to 5 pages. The concept is developed using Balsamiq Mockups software. Developed by using this method allows you to focus on your site content rather than specific implementation and appearance.

At this point it becomes clear how the site pages will look like and how items will be located on the page.

For example:

Step 3. Opportunites programming, layout apply and content filling

I doing works of opportunites programming, layout apply and content filling to the website. To create a site using easy CMS, which allows you to easily edit any information on the site and add a new one.

Content management system - items list

Content management system - item edit

Content management system - photos add

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