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Our trip to Germay from Kaliningrad, Russia

For the first time, after our two-year stay in Kaliningrad, we decided on a risky trip a family with children over a distance of almost 2500 kilometers, crossing the state borders of 3 countries. In Berlin we traveled by car, which in itself was an adventure for us. Driving in the German capital Berlin, in a strange country in which we were beaten for the first time, gave the experience a rush of adrenaline. During the two days spent in Berlin, together with our children we saw quite a bit of interest. Tired from the long-term moving supplemented fatigue to follow the children who also was interested in everything new. One day we visited the Berlin zoo where for three hours we were able to see only about 70% of all the pavilions. Here we saw rhino, giraffes, chimpanzees, who made a real theatrical performance for us. I especially enjoyed visiting the "Aquarium" with numerous sea and river fish, and jellyfish. The key point of our trip to Germany was to visit a branch of Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany. Below is some panoramic photos of our tours on a branch. Way back in 1200 kilometers we have done in two days with a single stop at the hotel near the city of Poznan in Poland. At the hotel, we arrived late at night and in the morning a little walk around the city center of Poznan, where I had to make some panoramic pictures of places of interest we have.

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