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Web Developer PHP expert with over ten years experience. Please check out with my portfolio, customers, skills and offers for you.

More than 10 year of web development expirience. Expert in PHP, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, JavsScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Ajax, CodeIgniter, Yii, Bitrix. Good skills: AngularJS, Java, FireBird, MS
SQL, XML/XSL, Linux/Unix, LAMP, Adobe Flash.


Selection of power generators - Web site

Web site of one of the major supplier of special equipmnent in the Russian industrial market.

1 year ago   6243   Bitrix CMS   Techservice, LTD  

Ecommerce store Muravey

Chain stores "Muravey" is working since 2002 and during this time 18 retail stores were opened, which operate in 12 localities of the Far East of Russia.

4 years ago   5668   Bitrix CMS   Techservice, LTD  

Virtual tour made simple web application

Web application for simple made and publish virtual tour 360x180°.

2 years ago   4905   Yii, PHP framework   Individual entrepreneur Grinev Roman I  

Website distributor of outboard motors

One page interactive website of distributor of outboard motors.

1 year ago   4803   Bitrix CMS   Techservice, LTD  

Tehservice company corporate portal

A complete suite of social collaboration, communication and management tools for organizations. Corporate Portal of group of companies was developed and implemented based on 1C-Bitrix solution (at now Bitrix24).

4 years ago   3872   Bitrix24   Techservice, LTD  


Clients / reviews

Techservice, LTD

Techservice - is a holding company comprising the Group Techservice companies.

6 years ago   81   Reviews (1)   projects (12)  

Individual entrepreneur Grinev Roman I

Web Developer PHP expert with over ten years experience. Individual entrepreneur.

10 years ago   65   projects (5)